Rainbow and Clouds (reversible) bunting flags

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These gorgeous fabric bunting flags are made from 100% cotton, high quality, patchwork fabrics.

Change your style with the flip of some fabric! Rainbow on one side, flip it over and you've got whimsical clouds and balloons, machine stitched into sturdy teal blue binding, 10 flags, approx. 2.6m long.

Rainbow bunting flags are perfect to use with your teepee to personalise a special space, or to decorate a celebratory occasion or add some magic to a bedroom or playroom. This bunting is easily our most popular, and matches with so many of our other products; balloon balls, pillow rolls, teepee cushions, baby wraps, baby cosy and more to come.

Twist around the teepee poles and hang along a wall, over a window or doorframe or thread through the trees.

Washing instructions:

To keep your rainbow bunting flags looking great, machine wash when required in cold water on a gentle cycle, and line dry.

May also be ironed if needed after shipping, washing or storage.