Bedding Size Chart

100% Bamboo Sheets - 375TC set includes:

Fitted Sheet

Flat sheet

Pillow cases

Cot sheets

79cm x 137cm x 21cm

140cm x 170cm



93cm x 193cm x 42cm

180cm x 255cm

one 51cm x 74cm

King single

105cm x 205cm x 43cm

210cm x 270cm

one 51cm x 74cm

Double - deep side 

137cm x 190cm x 45cm

235cm x 255cm

pair 51cm X 74cm

Queen - deep side 

155cm x 205cm x 45cm

270cm x 255cm

pair 51cm X 74cm

Mega Queen - standard Queen with extra deep side

155cm x 205cm x 52cm

280cm x 270cm

pair 51cm X 74cm

King - deep side 

185cm x 205cm x 45cm

285cm x 275cm

pair 51cm X 74cm

Mega King - standard King with extra deep side

185cm x 205cm x 52cm

290cm x 275cm

pair 51cm X 74cm

Super Wide King/Californian - extra deep side

204cm x 204cm x 52cm

330cm x 300cm

pair 51cm X 92cm